Wedding Gift Registry
 for paintings by Catherine Adamson
Instructions:   The happy couple send an email to Catherine with copy-and-pasted painting images, or the names and sizes of the ones you would like. Please choose from Gallery 1, Gallery 2, or Gallery 3, being sure to select only those still listed for sale. If you really love a Sold painting and would like something similar, I can paint a new one that is close (no two are ever exact images).

  Example of how this will look:

  Han Solo and Leia Organa are getting married October 15th, 2019 in Vancouver, B.C. 
  Here is the wish-list of paintings that they would love to receive as gifts: (Click on image to enlarge )

      "Thrum 2"                "Red Song 9"         "Fiddlehead 2"            "Merengue 17"           "Salsa 35"
       36x48"   $2200          16x40"  $950            12x12"  $300                20x10"  $200             16x12"  $200

  Contact Catherine:  Art can be delivered locally or shipped internationally